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Artist Residency in JAPAN 

We are all about creating a global art community without borders

About by Jerry

You're probably wondering why this art residency is called
"by Jerry."

This is about that sneaky little mouse from my fav anime when I was a little. Jerry was always one step ahead of the game. Jerry was the master of finding little hidey-holes and popping up where the big cat least expect him. That's exactly how I want this art residency vibe to be.  So let's get ready to pop up from nowhere and show the world what we've got!

Chiba isumi house-20.png

Residency Facilities and Work Space 

by Jerry is located in a swanky suburban beach town in Chiba Prefecture, It is a freshly renovated historical Japanese house with a massive garden. It used to be a traditional Japanese restaurant, just like you see in the  Japanese cinema  back in the  50's.

You're just a stone's throw away from restaurants, supermarket, drug store, and many more.

Beach is just a quick 5-minute bike ride from the residency. And if you're looking for a good dose of city vibes,Tokyo is just 90 minutes train ride away. It’s got everything you need from trendy cafes to galleries.

You can experience both city and country life in Japan and even make some awesome art while you're at it.


It's time to make some awesome art! Let's submit your application form.


About 8 weeks per slot

(the dates are subject to change)


Slot 1: 6/4 ~ 7/29  2023

Slot 2: 8/7 - 9/30  2023

Slot 3:10/9 ~ 12/2 2023

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