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Art Residency

The residency has indoor & outdoor work spaces and 3 cushy bedrooms for you and your art roomies. You share one bath and one separated toilet, kitchen, dining and living room area. Plus, you'll have all the essentials you need : Wi-Fi, AC, furniture, kitchen appliances, and laundry.

house layout(家の間取り)

Rules and Regulations :

  1. Keep it calm and collected when it comes to noise levels - we don't want to make enemies with the neighbors .

  2. No wild ragers or blasting tunes in the garden area.

  3. No smoking, but you can only light up in the designated area in the garden. Absolutely no puffing indoors.

  4. Try to keep things neat and tidy- nobody wants to live in a dump. 

  5. Absolutely NO drugs.

  6. It is customary to TAKE YOU KICKS OFF before entering a house.

  7. by Jerry is NOT a hotel, so no outside guests allowed.

  8. Make sure to leave the residency in good shape, otherwise, we're gonna have to charge you for any damages or major clean-ups.

local community

There's a ton of stores like supermarkets, restaurants, pharmacies, and convenience stores all right nearby. Plus, you can grab some fresh local veggies and fish every day!

Beach is just 5 minutes away by bike where you can catch some waves, and there's even a skateboard park right in front of it!

It is recommended to plan for $700 ~$1200 (USD) in monthly personal expenses. It will depend on your lifestyle and recreational activities.

If you're trying to save some money, cook up some fresh food and enjoy watching streaming shows at your residency. But if you're planning on raging in Tokyo every weekend, you might want to start saving up now.

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