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by Jerry is an individually owned artist residency. 
You get a work space and a private bedroom for 8 weeks for FREE. And at the end of your stay, you will exhibit your killer artwork at an event or a gallery.
We are so stoked to provide an amazing opportunity and a platform to those who don't always get the spotlight.

rika nakanishi

who we are

This is Rika. I am born and raised in Japan, currently based in Los Angeles. I work as a Production Designer for movies, TV shows, commercials, and sometimes as well as an Interior Designer. I Studied Film at UCLA ,and upon my graduation I started to work as an assistant to a production designer, Tom Brown.  Beginning my career, I worked with Tom as his Art Director on numerous Hip Hop shows with some of the legends, from Snoop Dogg to Dr. Dre to Mary J. Blige, and working my way up the ranks to become a production designer.

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I have met wonderful artists in many countries where I visited to work on film productions. I originally moved to Los Angeles from Japan to study fine art, however, I am currently taking a long hiatus from painting. Instead, I decided to run an art residency for talented artists from different parts of the world  to create a global art community from Japan.


I first got into art when I was in middle school. Skateboarding wasn't really recognized as a sport in Japan back then, but I was totally hooked on it. I was even competing as one of the few sponsored female skaters in the country, and got a bunch of trophies.  The graphics on the bottom of the skateboard decks were so cool, and that's what got me interested in art and design.

I moved to Los Angeles to study art and to pursue my passion, but now I got busy with my gig in the film industry, so my own brushes are taking a break.

I'm stoked to see some amazing new art come to life from this residency by some stellar creations!

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