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Application Form
-SLOT 1-
which gender identity do you most identify?

we use Instagram platform to showcase the resident's work and promote it. please create your account if you don't have one.

Where did you find by-Jerry.

Time to get selected:
Once you make the cut, we will contact you via Google meet or Zoom for interview. Finally you're in, it's time to seal the deal - sign the contract, deposit 50,000 JPY via PayPal to secure your spot, and get ready to create some serious masterpieces. And if you don't destroy the residency, we don't have to ask you to spend the repair cost. Only your deposit will go to PARTIALLY cover the residence utility bills (electricity, water, gas, internet), the residence maintenance cost, facilitating and expendable cost of the art exhibition (fuel and transportation, parking). 

Cancelation Policy:
If you have to  cancel your residency program less than 45 days before your arrival date, we're going to have to keep 50,000 JPY deposit of yours  as a full cancelation fee (sorry….). So, please don't cancel it.

Your application has been submitted.

After pressing the send button, please attach  of the work and send it to us.
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